Customised Text and Date Self Inking Traxx JF630 Stamp in 6 Ink Colours

Customised Text and Date Self Inking Traxx JF630 Stamp in 6 Ink Colours

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Personalised Self Inking Text and Date Custom Stamp.

This Stamp is the Traxx JF630 Date Stamp, which comes with a changeable date to enable you to stamp your dated documents daily. The Custom Text Stamp is a high quality metal body and allows for two lines of personalised text above and below the date if required depending on your needs.

What Ink colour can I have my Custom Text and Date Stamp in?

The Personalised Date Stamp comes in a choice of six colours. You can have the classic blue and red date stamp, which produces the Date in Red Ink and the Customised Text in Blue Ink. Other colours available for the stamp are all single colours to create a Date Stamp with Blue Ink, Date Stamp with Black Ink, Date Stamp with Violet Ink, Date Stamp with Red Ink, or a date stamp with Violet Ink.

What can I use my Customised Date Stamp for?

You can use your own personalised date stamp to leave a date marking along with your personalised text you chose on all your office documents. You could add your business name to create a Business Date Stamp or a Picked/Packed on a certain date to create a Warehouse Date Stamp. You can choose any text you need to create a handy self inking date stamp to make your daily tasks much more efficient.


  • Brand - Traxx
  • Metal body with a plastic finish
  • Stamp Size - 46 x 32 mm
  • Type of Stamp - Self Inking
  • Replacement Ink Pad - 7/630