Traxx 9013 58 x 22mm Up to 5 Line Customised Personalised Address Stamp

Traxx 9013 58 x 22mm Up to 5 Line Customised Personalised Address Stamp

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Five Line Customised Rubber Stamp for your Home, Business or Office Ink Stamp. Up to 5 Line Stamp for all address needs.

Create your own Personalised Address Stamp for your Return Address or Branding.

With up to Five Lines of Customised Text, you can create your own brand Address Stamp for stamping your business documents, or to create a Return Address Stamp. 

Why choose a Custom Address Stamp?

When you need to stamp your return address, or company address stamp on to your paperwork and documents then make sure you do it with ease. With this Self Inking Address Stamp you get 100's of imprints time and time again allowing you to Stamp your Custom Address with Ease. Save on the handwriting and stamp, stamp, stamp!

What can I use my Address Stamp for?

This Large Address Stamp with 5 lines of personalised text, can create a return address stamp or an information stamp for your brand. Perfect size to create a personalised legal, medical or information stamp. With a 58mm x 22mm imprint you can create any address stamp from a small few lines, up to a 5 line stamp.

For a 3 Line Stamp for some simple stamping needs, see our sister product here using the Traxx 9011 Stamp.

Essential Information

  • Brand - Traxx
  • Stamp Colour - Black
  • Stamp Size - 58 x 22 mm
  • Type of Stamp - Self Inking
  • Ink Colours - Black, Blue, Red, Green, Violet
  • Replacement Ink Pad - 7/9013